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UK Healthcare Sector can get their Immigration Health Surcharge refunded now, but who is eligible?

The UK Home Office had announced that the IHS would increase from £400.00 to £624.00 per year. Meanwhile, due to the unprecedented coming of COVID -19, in May 2020, a few exemptions have been announced by PM Boris Johnson.

Health & Care Visa and IHS Refund: This category has come into effect from August 4, 2020. All those who are eligible for this sector along with their families can apply for the UK visa without paying IHS fees.

If you have applied between Mar 31, 2020, and Aug 4, 2020 time period, you can send a request for IHS refund. All health care workers and their families are eligible for this complete refund. Send your request to , along with all your details.

· When will I get a refund?

The refund will be processed within 6-8 weeks to the bank account used during the initial application process.

· Who is eligible for a refund?

Those who belong to the Health & Care visa category and their families can claim for a refund.

If you are working in the healthcare sector; if you have worked for more than 16 hours per week, for the past 6 months, then you can claim the amount. For example: If you are working as an engineer or pharmacist on a dependent visa in NHS hospital and fulfilling the working hours and past 6 months period, then you are eligible. If you have paid the IHS fees, then you can always ask for a refund in this case.

· Who cannot claim a refund?

If you do not belong to the healthcare sector, you are not eligible. But if your family member works in healthcare, they can apply and add you as a family member.

If the employer has paid the IHS fees, you cannot claim the same. If you have not paid the fees from your own bank account, then you cannot ask for a refund also. There is no option to enter new bank details in the online form.

· How much IHS refund can I get?

Those who had paid the IHS fees after Mar 31, 2020, can claim a complete refund with one request.

If you applied in Mar 2020 and reached the UK in April 2020, you can claim refunds, installment-wise within a six-month time gap frame.

· How can I claim a refund?

Go to the Home Office website; fill the online form with your personal details and IHS number. In order to prove that you work in the healthcare sector, you need to submit the payslips of the past 6 months also.

If you are a healthcare worker like a doctor/ nurse/physiotherapist, add in details of your family members in the same form. Their payslips are not required here and they too are eligible for the refund just like you.

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