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Dependent visa

If you are holding Work Visa in the UK, your spouse will have all the rights to live and work in the UK. They will have all rights to do any job in the UK. Your dependent children can have a free education in the UK.

Documents required for a dependent visa application:

  • Passport

  • Tuberculosis test report (not applicable for all nationalities)

  • Police clearance check from all the countries (if the duration of stay is over 1 year)

  • Birth Certificate (Children)

  • Marriage Certificate (married partners)

  • Accommodation proof in the UK (Tenancy Agreement)

  • Employment confirmation letter from your Employer or COS


Your employer is a rated sponsor who will certify the maintenance fund for your dependents. Therefore you will be exempted to have a personal saving statement. Please note you will not have any recourse in the public funds and it's your responsibility to meet the cost of their stay in the UK.

100% Success Rate

Our years of expertise in this arena, combined with our continuous efforts to excel in the domain are the reason behind our 100% success rate. We study every application in detail and work on that meticulously and ensure that no stone is left unturned to make it up to approval.

One Stop Solution 

Visa Roots is essentially a one stop solution for all your needs in the UK. We are here to help you in each arena, Visa Processing, Migration Plan, Study Plan, Tour UK, Investment in UK, Business advise in UK etc. We are committed to provide you with the best of the best solution practically available at ease.


At Visa Roots, we provide multi-dimensional support services. You have multiple options to contact us; Tele-calls, E-mails, Web inquiry, Web chat etc. We provide you with total support at any point of time during your process and further.

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