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Changes in UK Visa Fees: What You Need to Know

Hey there travel enthusiasts and students! We got some UK visas updates you should know about. Starting from October 4th, there are some changes in visa fees that might affect your plans. Let's break it down in simple terms: UK Tourist Visa Fee Increase If you are planning a trip to the UK for less than six months, you need to budget a bit more. The UK Visit Visa fee for under six months will now be ₹11,835 (£115) instead of the previous amount.

UK Student Visa Fee Hike For those dreaming of studying in the UK, there’s a visa fee change too. Applying for a UK Student Visa from outside the UK will now cost 50,428 (£490). UK Work Visa Changes If you are heading to the UK on a skilled worker visa with a sponsor for three years or less, take note. The fee for this visa category is now £718 (₹77,147), up from the previous £625. Additional Changes to Be Aware Of: Apart from the specific visa categories mentioned above, there are other changes you should keep in mind

1. Health and care visas 2. Applications to register and naturalise as a British citizen 3. Fees for visit visas (six months, two, five, and ten-year)

4. Fees for leave to remain in the UK for work and study purposes

5. Fees for indefinite leave to enter and indefinite leave to remain

6. Fees related to certificates of sponsorship and confirmation of acceptance for studies

These changes were announced by the UK Home Office, in a 15% increase in most work and tourist visas, and a minimum 20% increase in priority visas, study visas, and certificates of sponsorship. While this might be a bit of a road bump for some, it's a bit of a bump in the road, it's essential to stay informed and plan accordingly. Make sure to factor in these fees into your travel or study budget. Remember, these changes take effect on 4th October, so if you are planning your UK journey, take this into consideration. Safe travels and best of luck with your travels and studies!

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