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Migrant Workers coming to work in the UK are granted a tier 2 work permit by the UK home office. This is a skilled job category visa granted usually for a period of three years. The visa expiry corresponds to the Certificate of Sponsorship validity. The type of visa allocated for the spouse of the primary applicant is called as Tier 2 General dependent visa.

You can bring your dependents or your spouse along with you:

1) When you first travel to the UK on a tier 2 work visa.

2) When you have passed your OSCE- the second part of the NMC examination.

If you hold a Tier 2 General visa you can bring your dependents with you while you work in the UK so long as you do not require access to public funds (for example child benefit which is rare cases). While here the candidate’s dependents can also access the National Health

Service (NHS) and State Schools for free just as any other UK resident would. Since the applicant is coming to the UK as a pre-registered nurse most of the employers recommend bringing your family after passing the OSCE examination or maybe a few months after you arrive in the UK. This is to enable a smooth settlement in the country.

Applications by Tier 2 dependents / Work Permit dependent can either be at the same time as the main applicant or at a later date if required. Dependent visa applications are granted in line with the main applicants leave to remain.

Dependent Applications:

The home office considers a dependent to be:

• Your Husband, Wife or Civil Partner, OR

• Your Unmarried or Same-Sex Partner, OR

• Your child aged less than 18 years old

Please note that you cannot bring dependants to the UK who are over 18 years of age, however, you can still apply for an extension if your dependent child turns 18 while in the UK. Please note when applying for children visa both parents must be in the UK or must apply for their visa to the UK unless you have the legal evidence to prove you are the sole responsible person for the responsibility of the children.

Applications are either made at the same time as the main applicant or at a later date. Please note that if your dependents are applying at a later date you will need to validate the maintenance fund requirements for your dependents, therefore you will need to retain original bank statements in order to prove that, you can cover the living costs, or you would need to have documentary evidence from your employer.

A balance of £630 in your or your partner bank account for 90 days for each application or maintenance letter from the employer (You will get the letter from your employer once you passed the OSCE) The employer is ‘A-rated sponsor’ who will certify the maintenance fund for your dependents.

Therefore, you may be exempted to have a personal saving statement. Please note the spouse or dependents will not have any recourse to the public funds and it is the candidate’s responsibility to meet the cost of their stay in the UK. You can find detailed information on bringing a family to the UK on this link:

Working as a Dependent

Dependent Visa holders can work freely for as many hours as they would like to in the UK under any employer. The exception that dependents are not allowed to work as a doctor in training is currently in place.

If your dependent or spouse is highly skilled and secures sponsorship with a Tier 2 licensed employer on his or her own account, please note that they will not be able to ‘switch’ in the country to a Tier 2 General Visa. To move to the new status your spouse will need to return home in order to submit a fresh application.

What is the cost involved?

The applicant is required to bear the cost of the family visa, travel, and stay in the UK.

• Visa application fee for each dependent is £464 (may vary depending on the application & location)

• Immigration health surcharge for each dependent: £1200 for three years

• Flight ticket for each dependent: £350-£700 one-way ticket

• TB Scan Report £20 approx. (Not applicable for all nationals)

• Police Clearance certificate

Other costs to consider:

• Travel expense from Airport to Accommodation.

• Accommodation rent advance (1-month rent value)

• Accommodation caution deposit. (1-month rent value)

• Living cost for a / the month

Application Time Frame

Standard Visa Application- 15 working days (minimum)

Priority Visa Application- 5 Working days (minimum)

Notes to Families & Single Mom Parents

As per the Home office guidelines, when bringing your kids to the UK, you must make sure that you have a place for your children to stay. If the child (children) is (are) under the age of 12, then they must be taken care of by a responsible adult at all times. Children under 12 are not allowed to be left alone at home when you are at work or outside. Leaving them alone is an offense in the UK. Further information you can be found on the link below:

When bringing kids to the UK, both their parents must be in the UK or must be traveling with them or must have an application submitted along with them. You cannot bring your kids if both of their parents not coming to the UK or in the UK unless you have the court order to confirm you have the sole responsibility of your child.

Divorced Parents or Single Mom: You must obtain a legal court order to confirm you have the sole rights of your child and you are the solely responsible parent of the child.


Before bringing your family to the United Kingdom, you must have a place for them to stay; with supporting accommodation proof (Tenancy agreement). You must arrange your own accommodation for them to stay when they are coming to the UK.

If you have accommodation provided by the employer, you won’t be allowed to accommodate your family on the accommodation unless it is agreed in writing.

Documents Required for Dependent Visa:

1. Passport copies of the Main Applicant.

2. Certificate of Sponsorship (COS)

3. Main Applicant Visa copy & BRP copy (not Applicable if applying together)

4. Maintenance letter from the employer (not Applicable if applying together)

5. 90 days bank statement if malignance letter is not available

6. Police Clearance Certificate (not applicable for below 18 years)

7. Tuberculosis Test report (not applicable for all nationalities)

8. Tenancy Agreement

9. Marriage Certificate or Birth certificate

10. Consent letter from parents (Children)

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