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In our life, planning travel and preparing for the same is an exciting thing to do; everyone would be overwhelmingly happy if it is to a country like the UK. In the process, the most crucial work is Visa documentation and application. Though every step is available online, many times people tend to miss little detail which is rather a vital one for the granting authority. One small error would cause a delay or even a rejection and that is the sole reason for people becoming a bit uncomfortable upon Visa applications.


Now, you don’t need to worry about any of these, just check-in at VISA ROOTS…

We have our experts with the necessary knowledge and experience who can make your early travel a reality in a short time, while you can stay relaxed.


With over 8 years of exclusive experience in processing various visas to the UK, we have processed over 2000 visas to the UK and we are proud to present our robust but humble team to support you in every aspect of the Visa process. Striving harder every day to commit and deliver in time is our aspiration and exceeding the expectations has been our forte all these years.


Frequently asked questions

What is the processing time and cost for a visa application?

A standard visa application takes 15 working days or up to a maximum of 9 weeks at a cost of 464 GBP.

What is the difference between Standard Visa & Priority Visa?

In general, the processing time for a Standard Visa is 15 working days while the Priority visa is just 5-6 working days. (This may also extend, depending on the traffic of the applications and on case to case basis) A priority visa application would cost 220 GBP extra.

Will I get my visa approved, even if I have multiple visa rejections of UK?

It completely depends on case to case basis, please consult us before processing.

Is it a problem, if I have 4 rejection’s from a European country?

It completely depends on case to case basis, please consult us before processing

Can I change my accommodation after reaching UK?

If need arises, you can change the accommodation.

Is it legal for a dependent to work in UK?

Yes. The dependents can work anywhere in the UK without any restriction.

What is a walk-in service and is there any applicable fee?

If we are unable to book an appointment due to non-availability of booking slots, then we can use a walk-in service by paying an additional fee in the Visa Processing Centre and it would vary place to place. There are also Visa Processing Centres that does not support walk-in service.

I worked in the UK 8-10 years back & I lost the National Insurance (NI) number, will it affect my new visa process?

It’s good to update the old NI number but it is not mandatory.

I worked abroad for few years & I do not have a PCC. Any alternative solution?

If you don’t have a PCC, then you can show the exit visa details of those countries at the time of visa appointment.

I went to the UK in a study visa, my college license was cancelled & I worked in the UK for years & returned back to my home country before the expiry of the visa. Could that affect my current application?

No, but we need to explain in detail in the visa application.

I am currently working in Dubai & my home country is India, which will be my visa centre?

You can prefer Dubai or your own home country as your visa centre, which has to be mentioned in the Visa application also.

I am currently in the UK on a Tier 5 dependent visa, can I change it to Tier 2 main applicant visa & if yes, how?

You have to travel back to the home country & provide your biometrics there to initiate the change.

Can I choose my port of departure apart from my home country

Yes, you can travel from anywhere in the world.

Do I need to carry any original documents for my visa appointment?

Passport, PCC & TB Test Report.

Do I need to carry any National Identity card or birth certificate when I attend my visa appointment?

It is advisable to carry an ID card & birth certificate along with you as some centres may ask these documents.

I am currently in Dubai on a visiting visa; can I go for my visa appointment from here?

No, you cannot. You have to travel back to your home country for submitting your biometrics.

I stayed in 2 countries for more than 2 years respectively; do I need a valid PCC from those countries, if I am applying from my home country?

No. It is not mandatory to have (Valid) PCC.

What is the validity of a PCC?

Most countries provide a PCC validity of 6 months; Gulf countries provide a validity of 3 months, while Jamaica & UK give 1 year.

Can I take my family along with me to the UK at first go or I should I bring them only after my OSCE exam?

It’s your choice. You can take your family at the first go or else you can take them even after reaching the UK.

How will I choose my Visa centre?

If you have many visa centres close to your place, you can choose one depending on your comfort and ease.


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Our years of expertise in this arena, combined with our continuous efforts to excel in the domain are the reason behind our 100% success rate. We study every application in detail and work on that meticulously and ensure that no stone is left unturned to make it up to approval.

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Visa Roots is essentially a one stop solution for all your needs in the UK. We are here to help you in each arena, Visa Processing, Migration Plan, Study Plan, Tour UK, Investment in UK, Business advise in UK etc. We are committed to provide you with the best of the best solution practically available at ease.


At Visa Roots, we provide multi-dimensional support services. You have multiple options to contact us; Tele-calls, E-mails, Web inquiry, Web chat etc. We provide you with total support at any point of time during your process and further.